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The Oriflamme (meaning 'gold flame') was the sacred banner of the Abbey of St. Denis. It accompanied the French kings in most of their major battles, beginning with Louis VI's 1121 campaign against the emperor Henry V in 1121. The banner's last certain appearance was at the disastrous battle of Agincourt (1415), where the bearer was killed and the flag disappeared.
One of the chronicles describe the Oriflamme as a crimson silk vexillum with three tails, green fringe, and tassels.
Later in the medieval era, there appeared along side the French king's royal standard (gold fleur-de-lis on blue) a flag that possibly substituted for the original Oriflamme. This latter version had two-tails, and was a red vexillum with a gold sun-disk and gold flames. 

The Société de l'Oriflamme sponsors the development of web pages and publications that examine European medieval warfare with a broader perspective than that generally found in English language sources. This page serves as a gateway to specific topics, the pages of which are under development. Only underlined links are active. 

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