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The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. Douglas B. Killings is responsible for the project, and can be reached at DeTroyes@EnterAct.Com.

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Anonymous Apollonius Rhodius Ariosto, Ludovico Asser Chaucer, Geoffrey St. John Damascene Chretien deTroyes Gower, John Henryson, Robert Hesiod, Homer, Et Al Lucan Quintus Smyrnaeus Saxo Grammaticus Sturlson, Snorri Tasso, Torquato

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Allegorical Arthurian Chanson d'Geste Chronicle and History (See also Icelandic Sagas) Epic: Biblical Epic: Classical Greek Mythology Epic: Classical Latin Epic: Spanish Germanic Mythology Icelandic Sagas Roland Cycle Romance Saint's Lives

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Note: Unless otherwise noted, all texts are translations from the original language into English.

Anglo-Saxon (Old English)

English, Middle
NOTE: All texts are in original language.
French, Old German, Middle High Greek, Classical and Byzantine Icelandic (Old Norse) Italian Latin, Classical and Medieval Spanish

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Unless otherwise noted, all texts are public domain in the United States. Because copyright laws vary from country to country, neither OMACL nor the Digital Library SunSITE make any representation as to copyright status outside of the United States. OMACL encourages the free distribution of its texts, provided that they are distributed in their entirety. If you use these texts as source material for your own research, please remember to cite OMACL as the source.

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