A listing for information connected with the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Invasion
Anglo-Saxon England background info
A.D.I.H.A.F.Association pour la Diffusion de l'Information Historique et Archaeologique en France.
Battle of Hastings Home Page the recent re-enaction at Battle Abbey
Battle of Hastings Board Game for kids in school from Don Bowden, University of Alaska
The Bayeux Tapestry including remarkable photos showing stitching where Harold's arrow has been removed from his death scene.
Domesday Revisited a numerical recapitulation of the Domesday Book.
Companions of the Conqueror lecture given in 1944 by Geoffrey White - authority on who really came with the Conqueror.
Laws of William the Conqueror from The Medieval Source Book
Milites de BecEarly Medieval Re-enactment Society
Regia Anglorum Living history with interesting information about Normans and Anglo-Saxons
Secrets of the Norman Invasion The recent manuscript claiming that the Normans landed at Hastings.
William the Conqueror genealogy
There appears to be very little material available in WWW format. So if you want to contact other people who have interests in this period I will be pleased to include mailto links here:
Armelle Websterin Connecticut is into the Bayeux Tapestry and wants to know if you know of any copies or facsimiles of the Bayeux Tapestry or works that are directly influenced by the BT in England or elsewhere? Her address is a public server so please make sure you put "Armelle" in the subject line

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