Silverdale- Sculpture with Gothic and Sullivanesque influences 
Walter S. Arnold, Sculptor/Stone Carver  
Carving Limestone, Marble & Pixels 

Chicago, U.S.A

[*] Do you ever look up and see strange creatures clinging to the sides of buildings? Do you wonder how they get there? Well, the answer is here- through the ages, in all cultures, sculptors and carvers like myself have created these works of art to add a touch of delight to the urban fabric. [grotesque hamburger eating][*] There are a lot of images in these pages; sculpture is a visual art that takes a long time to create. These thumbnails are smaller than 11k, and clicking on them will display a picture that is under 60k; so I hope you'll take a few minutes to view them and to enjoy the way I bend and shape this suprisingly fluid material.
[*]So, come inside and learn how stone is quarried and carved, find out about the tools, techniques and traditions of carving, and see the incredible varieties of marble available.

Gargoyles! Gargoyles and Grotesques 

The stuff that's made of dreams! Updated October 26, 1997

Corbel Architectural Ornament 

So what's the point of all that stuff up on the old buildings?

[carved fireplaces] Custom Fireplaces 

A fireplace makes a house a home... Updated Aug. 10, 1997

[Small Owl] Animals 

A Stone Menagerie, with enough different animals to populate a zoo or an ark.

[Entry Sign] 
Signage and Entry Panels 

Build an identity for your home or building with a carved stone sign.

[public work] Public Sculpture 

Art in the streets

MORE!More Gargoyles! 

My creatures have been so popular that I've populated another page with them.

[Lion Fountain] Latest Work 

I've been busy lately- Current projects and VRML models.Updated October 28, 1997

Your own sculpture Would you like your own gargoyle? 

One of these gargoyles or fireplaces can grace your home! Updated Sept. 8, 1997

Walter Carving Limestone, Marble, and Pixels 

Who am I? How and why do I do this stuff?

Chisels Stone Carving: Tools and Techniques of an Ancient Art 

So this is how its done... 

1854 banner This site constructed using 100% union labor. 

The oldest (and smallest?) union in North America. Learn the history of stone carving and cutting..Updated Sept. 8, 1997

Marble Samples Marble Sample Page 

A visual reference to 200 beautiful varieties.

NT Fax Solutions Windows NT Fax Solutions 

THE list of NT fax solutions. Non-Sequitor? I mix old technology and new technology! Updated about once a week.

Links- surf on!Links

When you're ready to move on, here are some links to Gargoyles, Stone, Art, and WinNT

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